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NetLogon runs at bootup on XP Prof desktop for one user only



Flightless Bird
I have one users system that runs Windows XP Professional SP3 in a Server
2003 Domain. When this desktop boots up we see --- \\my DC name\netlogon.

I then connected to another computer with the same person's logon --- I get
the same netlogon during boot up pointing to my one DC, we do not use roaming

If I double click this netlogon on the XP system's task bar I see a
folder....on the one DC.

I went to the DC that this netlogon is pointing to, went to ADUC looked at
the username, profile, and there are no logon scripts.

When I log into the computer with my logon, or any other user name on this
computer --- no NetLogon, just with this one specific user is the problem.

Could anyone tell me how to find this netlogon that is running for this
specific user ? I can not find anything on my 2003 DC's. This is a LAN, only
one subnet.