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Netanyahu: The Clear Red Line


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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, addressing the U.N. General Assembly, pulled out a diagram and discussed the Iranian nuclear program. According to the Prime Minister, there are three stages to development of a nuclear bomb and Iran is nearing the second stage. He suggested there needs to be a clear red line drawn - a point at which others must step up and stop the Iranian program.

The red line that Iran must not cross, Netanyahu said, is "amassing enough enriched uranium" to produce a nuclear weapon.

Netanyahu's demand that President Obama declare "red lines" that would trigger an American attack on Iran's nuclear facilities has been rejected in Washington and sparked a public rift between the two leaders.

More important, would Iran actually back down if a line is drawn?

The history of the middle east suggests Europeans and N. Americans have tried to control the resources for a long time. If you were living in a depressed region - would you back down when a bully says you cannot have something when others have the item?
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