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Need WAN0distributed filesystem... Groove Server?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by Jon Heese, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Jon Heese

    Jon Heese Flightless Bird

    I have a client with a workforce that are geographically distributed, and as
    such, doesn't have a single office where all users are located. They have a
    few servers, including an AD domain, and we have been using the Frontpage
    Server Extensions of IIS5 (Server 2k3) on their data server to share files
    over the WAN, but Windows 7 and the newest version of Mac OS X don't appear
    to be working properly with the (admittedly cheesy) FPSE solution.

    The way they were doing it, they just added a "My Network Place" to their XP
    installations that pointed to http://server.organization.com/, and the web
    server on that machine had the FPSE 2002 installed in the webroot, which was
    pointed to the root of their data share on that server. Worked well, until
    Win7, which now complains about the URL or something (seems to want
    /WebDAVroot strapped onto the end, but that doesn't help any)...

    So, besides VPNs (which are somewhat sluggish on their WAN connection) and
    RDP (which only appears to go so far with this client-- they don't like it
    for some reason), what options do I have for a WAN-distributed filesystem?

    Someone mentioned Groove Server to me, and after wading through all of the
    marketing-speak on the Office site, I'm still not sure if it will do the job,
    and I'm not about to pay Microsoft tech support to tell me.

    Can anyone help me out with some info on this? Thanks in advance.

    Jon Heese

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