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My laptop got a serious virus..

Discussion in 'Notebooks' started by lemonwater16, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. lemonwater16

    lemonwater16 Flightless Bird

    my laptop which is a DELL M1210 window xp
    got a serious virus few weeks ago
    and keep getting BSOD
    and i just reinstall the xp and recover the whole laptop
    at the beginning its fine
    but after a few days its broken again!
    and i didnt really do anything
    just install the basic stuff like itunes and IE8,etc.
    and after every recover
    it keeps on broken down like BSOD or just doesnt respond at all!
    and even straight after recovering[i have tried more than 4 times already]
    the comp is still running slow and stuff like that
    is this virus too strong so that recover doesnt even works???
    i think i saw the name of the virus its like trojan droppler or something
    and i used the microsoft windows malicious software removal tool
    but i doesnt work
    does anyone have any idea wat should i do
    coz im really stress about this
    even recover doesnt work...

    plz help anyone..

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