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MS Application Data Files and References are slow

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by Fred, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Fred

    Fred Flightless Bird

    When I try to reference a file, either open or save, the file system responds
    very very slowly. In fact, it seems to not take any action to start the
    process of accessing a file or folder unless I click in whitespace AFTER
    clicking on the folder. Even clicking on the dropdown to move up or down the
    directory tree is slow. This seems to be only true for MS applications.

    The complete file system had been slow until "Automatically search for
    network folders and printers" was unchecked in folder options. Once this was
    checked the file system respondes as expected, rapidly, except for MS

    I have not been able find a similar option for MS applications.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. It can take 30 seconds to move from
    one folder to another.

    Once I'm in the desired folder, file open and save is normal as expected.
    However, getting there....

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