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Microsoft Surface: Five Important Steps To Success


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My trip to FedEx this morning yielded the success I was hoping for last night, the Hubbleinski is now in my hands. Hubbleinski is the name of my Microsoft Surface. Why? The Apple iPhone is Hubble. The Surface allows connection of my Apple iPhone. Thus they are cousins from different worlds.

Anywho, the Hubbleinski is running smoothly. In fact, this post is done with the little fellow. Hubble helped, snapping photos as the cousin was learning to speak English.

After reading a few bloggers complaining, though, I think they are mistaking critiques and just flat out complaining for the sake of traffic. Well, been there. Done that.

So here are five little things to do so that your own little Hubbleinski operates well.

Run All Updates

Don't complain about it. This is for your own good. Microsoft assumes you are an adult and can figure out that you are in control of your environment. Therefore, run Windows update for the latest virus protection, get the latest apps, and pull down the full version of Office (optional updates).

Learn The Swipe

Windows 8 is a joy to use. It took me to adjust my own attitude, stop believing the whiners, and learn some simple tricks. The swipe is the easiest way to search for items. Gently (don't press hard) place a finger on the right edge of the surface and swipe left. Your little guy will present you with a tremendous amount of information.

Starting Applications

See that Windows icon at the bottom of the Surface. Press it for the start page. Press it again to return you to your present location. Easy. Pin any application you love ( or website) to the start page. Pst - Pinch the page to view more.

Top Down

We have all heard about top down economics, aka voodoo economy or the urination theory. Well, there is no yellow possibilities here. Place your finger at the top of the surface, slide it down in a straight path. This will close the app you have open - or in IE you can close a tab.

Pin Twitter

Launch IE (start, click touch on the IE tile), enter the twitter URL, and to the right of the bar is the icon for pinning the site to the start page. Pin all of your favorites. This will save you a tremendous amount of time. Oh and while I am saving you time - check it. Surf the web in Portrait mode. Now that is cool and blows away the iPad surfing.

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Flight Director
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Oh - and just like the Apple cousin - double tap a page in IE and you will get zoom.