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Microsoft Surface: Ellie Approved


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Ellie is a curious dog. She is the first of the two to sniff and smell something new. She's also the first to take it outside and bury it - if she does not approve. She's buried iPads and iPad covers. Luckily the Microsoft Surface is being kept at a distance but she has paid attention, watching movies, paying attention to Skype, and watching me as I've been a couch potato all day.

Neflix App

Earlier we were playing with the Netflix app. Our favorite nerd movie is Pyaar Impossible. The crispness of the image below speaks volumes. I must say that the movie is playing as I'm typing in the WordPress editor. This app is spectacular. The widescreen provides the perfect onscreen enjoyment. Make sure that you download the free app, and start using it immediately. You will get many hours of enjoyment watching movies on your Microsoft Surface.

Periodic Table

I know. I know. As a chemistry teacher, I just had to find the perfect periodic table app. And it is there.

The iPad has Elements, with songs and animation. This is just straight facts and there is nothing wrong with facts. Hover over the element and now you have some awesome information.


OK. The iPad is a pain in the butt for YouTube and flash fans. Articles with embed YouTube videos (aka HuffingtonPost) are usually a pain to view on an iPad or iPhone. But not with the Surface. Nope. YouTube is clear as can be. Phew.

At this point, Ellie gives this piece of hardware four paws and a lick in the face. That's definitely the highest rating. And since it is only 8:20, we will continue with this device for many more hours (still over 70% battery use after 7 hours). Ellie and I are still watching our movie as I'm tinkering with screenshots, reading the device manager, and just trying to figure out how to share a photo.
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