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Microsoft Access - using hyperlinks



Flightless Bird
I would like to have a field in an Access Database that contains hyperlinks. These 'hyperlinks are addresses of Excel files stored on my computer. I want to then use the fields in a word document (via a mail merge) to create a list of all the hyperlinks stored in the database.

The end result I want is that when the word document is opened a list will come up of the hyperlinks and I can click on any hyperlink and go straight to the excel file.

Hope that makes sense!

I don't know how to do this! So far I have found a way to create a field and make the datatype 'hyperlink' but I don't know what to acually store in the field or even what data type 'hyperlink' means in practise . Do I have to type in by hand the actual address of the hyperlinks? Or is there some quick way to do this? Are hyperlinks in access only for webpages?

My access database is Access 2007.

Also, so far the only time I have used hyperlinks before is using them in Onenote2007 and then it is straight forward as you just use 'insert hyperlink' and it does all the work for you - e.g. no long hand typing in of addresses.

Please treat me as a plodding idiot as I really don't know much about these things, but only know what i want to do!