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Memorable Teaching Page Added

Robert Heiny

Research Scientist of Learning and Education
Flight Instructor
We've started a wiki page of anecdotes and dramatic events called Memorable Teaching. It features stories of what teachers have done that had a lasting impact on someone's life. An implicit part of each of these stories is a learners' view. We'll point out the active ingredients of learning from those lessons at a later time. We see these stories as examples teachers may add to their collection of how others have had a lasting impact on at least one other learner.

We include on this page stories about classroom, religious, and other people (not fictional characters) who held the formal role of teacher as well as instruction by parents, friends, and others encountered in ways remembered and that altered a life. We started the page with two entries as samples, one from my unpublished field notes and one from a published account by the Nobel Prize for Literature (1938) winning author, Pearl S. Buck. A reminder of a third anecdote is included on the page, to be finished later. We invite you to submit anecdotes in order to share descriptions of teaching that has had a lasting impact on your or someone else's life.