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LPH, where have you been?


Flight Director
Flight Instructor
I find the internet a wonderful place to search for information. Unfortunately getting to all of the information of interest takes time - time that is not always available. Actually, I dislike search engines because they are cluttered with ads and focus on their own interpretations. Therefore I've been tinkering with RSS feeds and decided to build a website allowing me to see the RSS Feeds regardless of my location.

I have the refresh of stories to update every 15 minutes. This means as I finish reading one set of stories then the next set becomes available. The project has been so enjoyable that I've forgotten to do many other things. But hey, it's easy to get lost on the site. You might get lost too. Go ahead and check it out.

PS. There are almost 200 sources - so it'll be a lot of reading on your part. Enjoy.

Robert Heiny

Research Scientist of Learning and Education
Flight Instructor
I finally found the Tux Reports Network "Latest News" RSS feeds. It's a great time saver with more updates than I want to read, but I find myself reading them anyway. Thanks for bring all of that together. I hope it catches on with other readers also.


Technology Writer
Getting those feeds together is cool but the theme does not fit with the rest of the sites. Will you integrate things?