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[ITA - Sell] Inspiron 8500 lcd panel pannello LTN154P1-L01 WSXGA+



Flightless Bird
Lcd panel for laptop mod. Samsung LTN154P1-L01 - matte

For Dell Inspiron 8500 and others, read...

- WSXGA+ 1680x1050 -

Is a 15,4" tft lcd panel with matte surface in super high resolution WSXGA+ ,
it is pulled from a Dell inspiron 8500 and is perfectly functional, i have
bought it with the entire lcd module with only the inverter defective (it is
a circuit apart of the lcd panel), so if you need also the plastics them are
free, but without the inverter and them are not so well maintained, with a lot
of scratches and a little few visible crack in one side, the panel is near PERFECT,
like new, in the surface there is only a very very thin & light invisible sign
of gloss on the opaque surface that is probably dirth, the screen is been
PERFECTLY cleaned-disinfected with 2 products and absorbent paper, i offer
on it a guaranty against 'DOA' so you have 1 week of time to test it, if
it doesn't run you can return it with the description of the procedure you
have done to mount it and the fault it shows, so i can refund you all including
the first shipping.

If you have a different model of panel or of latpop pc tell me wich one you have
i can do a research and i say to you if is compatible with mine!
Remeber that is MUCH more easy to find info if you provide me the exact model
of your panel, so you have to dismount the screen and watch the label on the backside
If you have trouble/doubts on dismounting the panel or mounting the new one please
ask to me.

LOW PRICE: you will find normal XGA screens on ebay for about 75 euro shipped
but not SXGA that cost new 150 min. and are rare!

Payements: Paypal accepted but you have to add 3,4%+0,35 (do price x 0,034+0,35),
for 105 euro are 3,92, Bank cheque by mail, bank transfer.

ebay item. 320488969288 (http://cgi.ebay.it/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320488969288)

SHIPMENT ONLY INTO EUROPE (or everywere if i find info on how to ship)

Pulled from: Dell inspiron 8500
Model LTN154P1-L01
Condition Used / Usato
Size/Resolution 15.4" WSXGA+ (1680 X 1050)
Tipo / Type TFT Matte / Opaco , 30pin

Pin assignements:
Pin Segnale
1 GND 16 GND
2 VDD 17 0_RxCLK-
3 VDD 18 O_RxCLK+
4 DDC 3.3V
5 GND 20 E_RxIN0-
6 DDC Clock
7 DDC data
8 O_RxIN0- 23 E_RxIN1-
9 O_RxIN0+ 24 E_RxIN1+
10 GND 25 GND
11 O_RxIN1- 26 E_RxIN2-
12 O_RxIN1+ 27 E_RxIN2+
13 GND 28 GND
14 O_RxIN2- 29 E_RxCLK-
15 O_RxIN2+ 30 E_RxCLK+