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Is there policy setting to prevent saving file without extension?



Flightless Bird
I previously posted related question in Office Developer Add-in group...
....but I did not get any response, so I have reframed a more general
question here.

In one particular environment (Terminal Services session on MS windows
server 2003 standard edition SP2 with Office Professional Plus 2007 SP2),
when I try to save a file (programmatically) withOUT .docx extension, the
file is automatically saved with the extension. (The file I opened had a
name withOUT an extension.) I have run this code in many environments
before, including others that seem to be set up like this one, and the file
saved successfully without the extension. One additional note: when I do
SaveAs, Office always adds the extension, no matter what environment I run in.

Could this be the result of a policy setting? (Disclaimer - I know almost
nothing about policy settings.) I have looked through the ADM template
spreadsheet but I did not see anything that quite matched this situation.