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Implications of ALV


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Implications of ALV

A Learners' View (ALV) Is Of Choices On The Shortest And Fastest Path To Learning, The Oxygen Of Social Life.

A LEARNERS' VIEW (ALV) OFFERS TEACHERS AND OBSERVERS a vision of learning as a social process with different implications for teaching from common beliefs, theories, and practices. ALV gives teachers advantages over dominant practices. ALV starts with predictable choices learners make while learning from a finite set of options that learners have shown scientists they make.


Implications of ALV and the ALV Path

  1. Increases the odds over current practices that learners will learn lessons teachers instruct.
  2. Represents minimum common aspects of learning described by experimental behavioral and social scientists and observable as well as manageable by educators in classrooms and educational software.
  3. Grounded in procedures and results of experimental behavioral and social science research descriptions of learning.
  4. Translates experimental research procedures and results into lesson designs, procedures, and assessments.
  5. Includes an accurate and precise vocabulary to design, build, test, evaluate, report, and discuss learning through lessons as well as their results.
  6. Follows the premise, if you can't measure it, it doesn't exist in or result from the lesson.
  7. Increases accountability that teachers can use promptly to accelerate, increase, and deepen (AID) learning during each lesson.
  8. Proceeds from specific instances to generalizations without using theory or other intervening values.

Implications of Monitoring Risk of Failure to Learn (RFL)

INTRODUCTION OF ALV (a learners' view) opened ways to describe and measure risks of learners failing to learn (RFL) a lesson. RFL exists as the difference between what is possible and actual academic performance of learners. Risks reside in choices of teachers for the lesson. Use of ALV elements of learning permits measuring affects of choices of teachers on the likelihood of learning occurring. Main risks which contribute to RFL: Read More
Implications for Teachers

  1. Predictable choices serve as active ingredients of learning (AIL) for planning, instructing, and assessing lessons (PIAL) that AID learning.
  2. AILs included in a lesson increase the likelihood that learners will learn that lesson.
  3. Start with AILs to build lessons that accelerate, increase, and deepen (AIDs) learning.
  4. Closer match between what lessons offer and what learners do while learning.
  5. Lessons can occur in seconds, not in minutes, class periods, or longer.
  6. Requires a change in vocabulary to describe the teaching-learning processes.
  7. Increases confidence that instruction will likely lead to learners learning lessons.
  8. Protocols for ALV lessons reduce guesses (trials-and-errors) of teachers.
  9. Protocols for ALV lessons are grounded in experimental research data and procedures.

Implications for Costs to Teach and to Learn

THE USE OF ALV opens ways to calculate costs to teachers to teach lessons and to learners to learn lessons. ALV also offers ways to assess and compare benefits teachers and learners obtain from those lessons. Read More
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