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How to deal with task bar



Flightless Bird
I am using XP SP3, I am trying to look at a series of .mov files in a
folder, one file at a time.
When I double click on one of the .mov files, it quite naturally
executes Quicktime V7.0 to 'play' the .mov, since that is the default
for .mov files.
What I don't like is that Quicktime always opens to play the .mov with
its 'play' button (and its other controls too) hidden behind the task
bar at the bottom of the screen.
I can manually shrink Quicktime's window so as to expose the play
button, but how can I make Quicktime come up automatically on top of
the task bar, so's I can see the quicktime controls?

This may be a dumb question, and if so, I am sorry. But I really
would like to know.