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How to create image of computer with MDT 2010 without deploying an OS to it



Flightless Bird

I'm getting started with MDT 2010 and have a question about creating custom
WIMs. We regularly capture WIMS of computers using Imagex (i.e. imagex /capture
c: f:/fileshare\image.wim "Drive C") in a PE environment and I'd like to try to
use MDT for this process instead of imagex if possible. With MDT you start the
reference computer with the PE CD and you can capture a custom WIM but Windows 7
is then deployed to the target computer which I don't want to do. I'd like to
know if there is a way to create a WIM of a reference computer and import it
into the MDT database without deploying Windows 7 to that computer.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank You