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How to add DefaultInstall to inf file

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by Bostjan Glazar, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Bostjan Glazar

    Bostjan Glazar Flightless Bird

    The CDM drivers from FTDI:
    http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/CDM/CDM 2.06.00 WHQL Certified.zip
    do not have DefaultInstall section in its inf files. So you cannot install
    the driver with right-click Install. That's the way I've been using to
    pre-install the driver from InstallShield.
    I tried to add the DefaultInstall to ftdibus.inf myself, but nothing
    happens. I had some success with ftdiport.inf, but I actually need

    Can anyone help me with modification?

    Here is what I added:


    AddService = FTDIBUS, 0x00000002, FtdiBus.NT.AddService

    AddService = FTDIBUS, 0x00000002, FtdiBus.NT.AddService

    I also added parts to copy inf file:
    to both [SourceDisksFiles]
    ftdibus.inf = 1


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