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How do I stop OneNote changing my default font


Roger Nye

Flightless Bird
I have set the default font in Tools - Options - Editing - Default Font,
which I thought would set the "Default Font". (in OneNote 2007)

This font is used for some things such as titles of notes, but any text I
put in the body of the note reverts to Calibri.
I tried changing it to my default font, but every new line or bullet point,
it uses Calibri again.

Is there another Default Font setting somewhere or some way to talk it out
of this habit?

Many thanks


Baby Bird
Is this happening once per page? Meaning, it happens, you change the font, and then it stops happening?

The reason I ask is that my first thought is that while you have set your default font, the templates your pages are based off of is using a different font.