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how do i edit text in a jpg file?



Flightless Bird
everything in a jpg file is a graphic image.

therefore, the text inside a jpg has been
converted as a graphic image.

what you can do is to utilize a graphics
software that can import / open jpg's

then use the spray brush to cover up the
text or eraser to remove the text.

afterwards you can use the text brush
to insert letters and words onto the jpg.


incidentally, you can use the built in
windows program to practice removing
and inserting letters onto the image.

however, before you do any kind of
modifications to an image,

save one or two copies first and then
work/practice on the third copy.

that way if you make a mistake you will
have a backup of your images to revert

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"lganss" <lganss@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message

Steve Rindsberg

Flightless Bird
There *is* no text in a JPG file, just a bunch of dots colored and
arranged to look like text.

There are OCR (Optical Character Recognition) programs that might be
able to examine the JPG and guess what letters the various patterns of
dots are supposed to be.

Unless there's an awful lot of this to be done, it might be simplest
and fastest to retype the text.