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How can Administrator view User browsing history in IE7 (Windows X

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by SCCAC_Instructor, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. SCCAC_Instructor

    SCCAC_Instructor Flightless Bird

    I am running Windows XP and Internet Explorer v. 7. I am the administrator
    and, as class instructor, need to check that the internet is not misused.
    Logged in as Administrator and in IE 7, I clicked on Tools/Internet Options.
    On the General tab of the Internet Options dialog box I located the Browsing
    History section and clicked on Settings. In the Temporary History and
    Internet Files dialog box I clicked on View. The path to the history files
    was shown as C:/Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temporary
    Internet Files. The Local settings folder was not visible when I tried to
    follow this path. In Control Panel\Folder Options\View I selected "Show
    hidden files and folders". This made Local Settings folder visible, but not
    the Temporary Internet Files folder. I also removed the check from "Hide
    protected operating system files." I can now see a folder labeled Temporary
    Internet Files as well as one labeled History. I can open these folders,
    since they are my folders.

    To view the user's History, I follow the path C:/Documents and
    Settings\Student9\Local Settings and can see both Temporary Internet Files
    and History folders. However, I cannot open the History folder and can't see
    any of the browsing history files or cookie files in the Temporary Internet
    Files folder.

    Is there a way to make this visible? I have adults taking this class that
    want to be able to check the browsing history of their children. I want to be
    able to tell them how to do this. On older versions of Internet Explorer I
    thought that this was possible. Is this an issue only because I am using IE 7
    with Windows XP?


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