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Google Wallet for Content Launched

Discussion in 'Google' started by LPH, Oct 4, 2012.

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    Google Wallet for Content is like the 99 cent store for webpage access, nothing over 99 cents.

    Google Wallet users may purchase web content ranging from 25 to 99 cents for individual webpages with a 30 minute instant refund window, ads, and perpetual access to content for users.

    With Google Wallet, your customers can purchase premium digital content with a single click.
    1. Sell content from your web site. Embed the Google Wallet banner on a web page to allow a user to buy it directly from your site.
    2. Give users a free sample before they buy. Google will rank your content based on what you give for free.
    3. Users can buy with a single click.
    4. Instant refunds help users feel comfortable buying. If the user clicks "Instant Refund" within 30 minutes you take the content back, and the charge is cancelled.
    5. Google monitors how much a user refunds to make sure they are only refunding content they don't like, and not using refunds to get free content.

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