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Footlong is a trademark and not a measurement


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Teenager Matt Corby ordered a supposed 12-inch sub from a Subway in Perth, Australia. Before eating, he pulled out a tape measure to discover that his Footlong was 11 inches and not 12 inches. He posted the image of his sandwich and a tape measure on Facebook. The image went viral.

[Insert, do you know of a teenager who would bring a tape measure? Do you think this was planned?]

According to Subway (via BuzzFeed), their Footlong sandwich is a name and not a measurement.

With regards to the size of the bread and calling it a footlong, 'SUBWAY FOOTLONG' is a registered trademark as a descriptive name for the sub sold in Subway® Restaurants and not intended to be a measurement of length. The length of the bread baked in the restaurant cannot be assured each time as the proofing process may vary slightly each time in the restaurant.

When ABC News contacted the company, Subway stated that it strives for 12 inches every time. “Most countries, such as Australia, follow the metric system so the term Footlong can only be used as part of a trademark,” a spokesman told ABC News. “Our global standard for a Subway Footlong sandwich is 12 inches regardless of the restaurant’s location.”