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Downgraded from vista to XP need help!



Flightless Bird
i have a dell inspiron 1525 that had a bad hdd with vista on it. tossed that drive and pulled out a old latitude i had and took the hdd out and put it in the inspiron. so i got everything installed and runs awesome......for about 20 minutes then things just start locking up 1 by 1 (browser, start, desktop, cursor)

only things not installed that show up in device manager are a conexant setup api and 3 other unknown devices.

in bios i disable cache and switched it to ata from achi. not sure what else to check. any help or suggestions is appreciated!

EDIT: among the driver downloads i got from dell was a drive updater. tried to use it but the program says it cant find the drive? thinking this may solve my problem if i can get this little program to work! any one who has used one of these programs please help!