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Dogs Rescued from Abuse


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Over 140 neglected dogs were seized from an animal rescue facility in Marion County, Oregon. Two individuals were charged with animal abuse.
Investigators said most of the animals were suffering from neglect, were malnourished and were being kept in filthy and overcrowded conditions.​

Ellie: Grrrrrr. Grrrrrr. Bigger Grrrrrrr.

Albert: (waking up) Ellie? What has your dander up?

Ellie: Grrrrrr. Mean people. Grrrrrrr.

Albert: Oh. Grrrrr. Grrrrrrr.

Gracie: (Barking barking and more barking)

AJ: (Stopping from his typical running. Tilts his head). I didn't know there are mean people in this world. How could it be? I love people. This can't be right. There must be a mistake. Someone hold me. (faints).

Albert: Always the drama in that boy.

Gracie: Now Albert. Turn your attention to the mean ones. Grrrrr.

Albert: Agreed. Grrrrr.

Gracie: (Turns attention to readers) Now people. Please report any suspicious activity. Never abuse an animal.