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Digital Ink: Hope is Not a Four Letter Word


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The competitive advantage to the Microsoft based Tablet PC was/is digital ink. Sadly, improvements to the technology has been lacking. Media have not written about inking. The Microsoft team has been too quiet about inking because Windows 8 is around the corner. This has led some to wonder about the demise of inking.

This leads to today's question: Does Windows 8 support digital inking?

The answer is a resounding YES. The new Microsoft Surface Pro supports touch and digital inking. This video from Microsoft's June 18, 2012 program contains a demonstration of the digital inking feature.

To pull this off, the Microsoft Surface Pro has two digitizers, touch and stylus. Tableteers no longer have to rely on hope - Microsoft Surface Pro is the product we've waited over a decade to have developed.

I can't wait to try One Note, quickly marking up documents (Word, PDFs), and creating my own ink only documents.
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