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Creative Biogene Introduces miRNA 3'UTR Plasmid and Virus


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Creative Biogene announces the launch of a suite of miRNA 3'UTR clones products. They include (a) 3'UTR Plasmid; and (b)3'UTR Virus.

Expressed in a mammalian expression vectors, the miRNA 3’UTR target cloning cover genome-wide human miRNAs for human, mouse, and rat. These mammalian vector based expression constructs allow efficient transduction of miRNAs into dividing and non-dividing cells transiently or stably for various studies.The 3'UTR plasmids provide a convenient solution for quantitative assessment of the inhibitory effect between miRNAs and their potential target genes.

These expression ready constructs are made in a mammalian expression vector system which provides a ready-for-use and single vector solution for both transcriptional regulation reporting and an internal control for normalization reporting

In following days, this product line will be completed and provide a complete set of tools and solutions for miRNA functional analysis.


  • High-throughput compatible
  • High sensitivity
  • Convenience