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Chicago Teachers Union Votes To Go Remote


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The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) voted to return to remote learning on Tuesday January 4, 2022. In turn, the district decided to close classes and cancel after school activities.

  • Chicago Public School (CPS) district is the third largest in the nation.
  • CPS operates 636 schools.
  • CPS serves 340,658 enrolled students for the 2021-22 school year.
  • There are 22,317 teachers employed by CPS.
  • 73% of the CTU members voted in favor of remote work.
  • The CPS Board of Education must approve remote learning.
  • CTU is demanding all students, teachers and vendors test negative within 48 hours of returning to class.
  • Classes and after school activities are canceled; take home meals will be available.

Pedro Martinez, the Chicago Public School CEO, decided to close classes for Wednesday after the teachers' union voted to return to remote learning. Staff and administration are expected to be on school campuses.

Update: As of January 6, 2022, CPS will continue to close schools for the 3rd day.
  • According to the district approximately 10% of the 21,620 teachers worked on campus Wednesday and by Thursday it was about 13%.
  • City officials stated that teachers who don’t show to work will not get paid.
  • The district argued in a complaint to the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board that the union’s actions are an illegal work stoppage, and sought a cease and desist order and a ban on future illegal strikes.

Update: As of 5:42 pm January 7, 2022, CPS states classes will be closed on Monday unless there is breakthrough in discussions with the union.

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