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CBS - TWC Disagreements: Who cares? Not Me


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CBS and Time Warner have been in negotiations over a contract extension for retransmission fees. Time Warner removed CBS programs from their line up earlier today then CBS blocked Timer Warner internet customers from viewing CBS.com.

CBS owns stations in major cities as well as Showtime, TMC, FLIX and Smithsonian. According to USA Today, "CBS generated about $250 million in retransmission revenue last year and expects to top $1 billion by 2017."

Who cares?

Let each company play their games as I go to other websites, view other stations, and decide what and when I am going to watch a program.

Alternatives are ... millions of websites to view, millions of books to read, movies to watch in a theater, amusement parks to visit, and people to just sit and enjoy speaking with about the fantastic day.