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Can't uninstall Microsoft Office Home and Student from Vista Acer


Matthew Downey

Flightless Bird
Ok, so I am having trouble uninstalling microsoft office 2007 so I can
install the office professional 2007 suite i just bought. I have an acer pc,
and a vista 64 os.

In another forum, I was told to go http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928218/
and follow instructions.

When I searched for installers, used the subject feature in View to find
Microsoft Office installers and tried to unstall one, I received a message
that said I was missing a file = "HomeStudentrWW.msi" and needed to find that
file somewhere in order to uninstall any of these installers manually.

I need to uninstall this ASAP and get the new one on, because of school.
Can you help me?

Your help is much appreciated. Thank you very much.