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Can't send email from Excel or Word or Powerpoint

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by Penguin, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Penguin

    Penguin Flightless Bird

    Hi there
    For some reason, I can no longer send emails using the send command in any
    of Word, XL or PPT. I get error messages in each which are slightly
    different but which are:

    WORD - Logon failed. You must log on to Microsoft Exchange to access your
    address book. Error code: "Unspecified error".

    EXCEL - General mail failure. Quit Microsoft Excel, restart the mail system
    and try again.

    PPT - There was a general failure with the email system and this action
    could not be completed.

    Windows Live Mail is set as my default email programme and in each case is
    opens when I choose 'send' but all I get are the above error messages.

    Any help will be gratefully received.

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