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Can't Access ATT Account Manager

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by Jim, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Jim

    Jim Flightless Bird

    I've had ATT local and long distance service for a long time, and used their
    account manager at https://accountmanager.att.com to log in and check phone
    bills. Last week, I upgraded my Internet service from Hughes satellite to
    ATT wireless for my Windows XP Desktop. The USBConnect Lightning device
    provides consistently good speeds, since we have a 3G tower about 1/2 mile
    from our home. However, since ATT got my wireless account set up, I can no
    longer get to any ATT pages except www.wireless.att.com. If I try to go to
    www.att.com, or links from that page, the pages don't fully load.

    I thought this was an ATT issue, but was able to log in from another
    computer. I made the following changes and checks, but have not been able
    to log into the account manager from my computer for a week.

    * Ran check for malware with MSE (been using it for several months, and
    really like it). Also ran checks with SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes in
    normal mode, plus Malwarebytes in safe mode - no problems found.
    * Could not access the account manager from either IE 8.0 or Firefox
    browsers (with, or without add-ons).
    * Added https://accountmanager.att.com as a Trusted site in IE 8.0, but no
    * Deleted all cookies and temp files from IE 8.0. Deleted temp files by
    search for *.tmp. Deleted temp files by Run %temp% - No improvement.
    * Changed IE 8.0 Internet zone from medium-high level (my typical setting)
    to medium - still no go.
    * Used Microsoft Fix it 50267 to restore the Hosts file - again no good.
    * Checked my firewall (Windows Firewall) settings and have no entries for

    I thought maybe a password reset would help, but don't see that as a
    solution since I could log in from another computer. How can I fix this

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