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can u play Divx on a PS3 and can you download PS3 games for free?



Flightless Bird
Alrighty number 1 , can i watch DivX video streams online? like when i go to a website such as "Stage6" all the vids are DivX but i cant play any because it says the video format or player isnt supported or something along those lines. I recently was moving house n packed my PS3 in its box which said it was DivX Certified, and it also had some on damand movies service (Rent, for sale etc.). So why doesnt it let me watch those videos?????

Question 2, its annoying how you have to pay for PS3 games now that most of them cost £40 minimum on release. So can i download the installation file for game so i can download them to my HDD. and is it true that all your trophy numbers dont go up after you do this.