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Black Screen with Cursor

Discussion in 'Vista Community' started by Ettecoude, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Ettecoude

    Ettecoude Flightless Bird

    Earlier today I was doing the general hour if Facebook, twitter, and YouTube that I normally do before work. For convinience sake I left my pc on. When I got back home from work I noticed that I could only see the cursor, everything else was black. I did a forced shutdown and now it's not even getting through the loading bar. Anyone have an idea of what may have caused this?
  2. thomasAnderson

    thomasAnderson Baby Bird

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    your computer put in sleep mode and its unable to wake up, so you forcibly shutdown, which cause you window to corrupt you need to repair it with the help of windows installation disk.
    Just boot from windows DVD and when install now windows appears check on the bottom of left side to repair your computer.

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