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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Whistleblower, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. NormanM

    NormanM Flightless Bird

    On Mon, 29 Mar 2010 09:32:55 -0400, Tim Slattery wrote:

    > "Whistleblower" <Justice@USA.con> wrote:

    >>BEWARE OF and AVOID doing business with AT&T!
    >>AT&T exemplifies screw-the-consumer corporate arrogance at its worst.

    > What's now called AT&T is actually Southwestern Bell. They bought what
    > was left of AT&T a few years ago and renamed their company.
    > SWB has a long history of screw-the-customer practices. I have no
    > doubt that everything you say is true.

    A. SWBT is one of the RBOCs resulting from the divestiture of the AT&T ILEC
    business in 1984.

    B. SWBT re-branded itself as, "SBC".

    C. As "SBC", the company bought two of its sister RBOCs (Ameritech and The
    Pacific Telesis Group); along with an independent regional ILEC (Southern
    New England Telephone), and an ISP (Prodigy).

    After all of that, did SBC buy AT&T. And re-brand itself one more time; as,
    "AT&T". And finally bought the last of its sister RBOCs, Bellsouth.

    Even after AT&T was broken up in 1984, management of the RBOCs was old
    school AT&T. And the Ernestine model of the business is still practiced at
    all three of the remaining "Baby Bells" (AT&T (re-branded SBC), Qwest, and
    Verizon): "We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Telephone Company!"

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  2. Andy from Dover

    Andy from Dover Flightless Bird


    "NormanM" <spammers.are@immoral.invalid> wrote in message
    > On Sun, 28 Mar 2010 15:29:03 -0400, Mr doe wrote:
    > > Ps Comshaft dropped Newsgroups a few years back.

    > As did AT&T.

    As did Verizon months ago as did MSN.com a few years ago. I got bitten by
    both and went to the freebies like aioe.org & eternal-september. Both
    provide good service and E-S is how you're reading this now.

    BTW: eternal-september has binary groups like alt.binaries.photos.original
    so the freebies are catching up.

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