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BECOME SQIP Affiliate !

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by circle5003, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. circle5003

    circle5003 Flightless Bird

    BECOME SQIP Affiliate !

    We welcome individuals, companies and especially charities to join us
    in building a 5 figure monthly income when you share Sqip Messenger
    with your friends, colleagues, customers. members and supporters.

    As an affiliate you will earn 5 cents every time anyone in your
    Referral Network opens Messenger. The money is paid from advertising
    revenue that is shared with our affiliate network

    There is no purchase or qualification required.

    You simply promote Messenger and start earning instantly every time
    that a user in your network launches Messenger.

    Building a huge referral network is very easy with Messenger.

    Messenger is packed with FREE to use tools and features that millions
    need and want to use.

    If you introduced only 5 new users on your 1st level, you could end up
    with a referral network of 100,000 users.

    Now imagine 100,000 users opening Messenger only 3 times a day with
    you earning 5 cents every time.

    Commissions are displayed within Messenger in real time. This is a
    very powerful little tool that will of course make users open
    Messenger just to see how much they are earning which then generates
    more ads to be delivered earning you another 5 cents.

    Messenger is scheduled for launch soon.


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