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Base Template and Daily Journal Power toy

Discussion in 'Microsoft OneNote' started by MS Jordan, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. MS Jordan

    MS Jordan Flightless Bird

    Some guidance would be gratefully accepted here.

    I've been using Daily Journal PowerToy for a couple of months now and I'm
    very happy with it.
    Where my "problem" comes up, I would like to have a basic template of blank
    text box's come up at the same time and while I can get a template to work
    and Daily Journals auto naming of folders to work - I can't get the two to
    work together.

    So I thought - just create a a master folder with the information I want and
    just copy and paste - when I do that I lose font info (except basic), font
    colors, tags and separator lines.

    1st question - is it possible to have a template and Daily Journal to work
    together ?

    2nd question - Is there someway to copy and past with all formatting,
    drawings and tags from one folder to another ?

    MS Jordan

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