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Assessment of Instruction

Discussion in 'General Education Discussions' started by Robert Heiny, Mar 11, 2014.

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    Assessment of Instruction

    A Learners' View (ALV) Is Of Choices On The Shortest And Fastest Path To Learning, The Oxygen Of Social Life.

    THIS PROCEDURE assesses the efficiency of instruction of a lesson.

    For use with Quick Start Informal Evaluation of Lesson Plan, Self Evaluation of Lesson Plan, or Formal Evaluation of a Lesson Plan.

    MATERIAL: Something to write on, such as a printed evaluation form, an electronic tablet, or a piece of paper, so you can transfer your evaluation to the teacher.

    PROCEDURE: Write the clock time you start observing the instruction. Divide your observation into 20 second intervals. Count the instruction as on the ALV Path when you can identify which of the five generic questions instructions address: What is it? What is it not? What is like it? What comes next? What is missing?

    SCORE: 1 for each interval during which the instructor tells or shows learners how to answer one or more of these questions. 0 for each interval during which the instructor does not tell or show learners how to answer at least one of these questions.

    Calculate and report to the teacher the percentage of the 20 second intervals when instruction was on the ALV Path. For 1.0 Instruction, scoring will appear as a string of 1111111111111, one stroke for each 20 seconds the lesson was on the ALV Path to answer one or more of the five generic "What ..." questions.
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