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Apple iPhone 5 Twice Performance of iPhone 4S


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PC Magazine has released several benchmarks comparing the new iPhone 5 with early versions and with Android competitors. The ending of the article states, "Based on these benchmarks, the iPhone 5 lives up to the promise of being twice as fast as the iPhone 4S."

This might be the one reason to consider the Apple iPhone 5. Yes, I admit it. This is one release that I have not rushed out and purchased. Instead, I decided to wait.

You see, I'm uncomfortable with the screen size. I already have trouble deciding where to put my iPhone - front shirt pocket, back pants pocket, desk, or connected to a desktop. I can't figure out how the larger size would work for me.

Plus, after updating to the iOS 6.0, the phone is loading websites much faster. I'm still content with Siri, text messages, and the camera.

Why did you upgrade? Where you someone who waited between releases and waited for the iPhone 5?
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