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Apple iPhone 5 Blistering Sales


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I came home from work today and saw this headline: iPhone 5 Reaches Same Level of Online Sales in First 3 Days that iPhone 4S Reached in First Month. "In just its first three days of availability, iPhone 5 U.S. online pre-orders reached 96 percent of the number of iPhone 4S online sales during the entire first month of its release! To say the iPhone 5 was heavily anticipated by Apple fans would be an understatement."

I'm of the opinion the sales are greater than 4S because of the number of people who held off and waited for the Apple iPhone 5. They may have held off because of contracts, or maybe because of the lack of feature differences. Of course, there are 24 million more people using SmartPhones today than during the time of the 4S release.

But there are some detractors. One individual took the new iPhone and intentionally scratched the back to show the phone could be damaged.

So - have you purchased your iPhone or are you waiting?
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