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Apple iOS 6.0 Available


Flight Director
Flight Instructor

I spent the last few minutes updating my Apple iPhone 4S. OK. It took longer than a few minutes. It actually took 17 minutes.

Why did I update my working iPhone and take a chance? There are over 200 updates to the new operating system release. I'll miss Google maps - which I use all of the time - and so I want to see how the new Apple maps will work. Maybe the crowd-sourced traffic conditions will be worth the chance.

Then there is Siri. Our fair lady can tweet for you, post Facebook updates, open iPhone apps, make dinner reservations, find movie times and reviews, and she's now into turn-by-turn travel directions.

But wait - there's more. I'm also looking forward to Siri on the iPad. This should be fun. I'm just waiting for a free power connection so I can update my iPad.
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