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Any advide on transfering iphone contacts to itunes?


Baby Bird
So here's the thing, I accidently spilled water on my iphone 4, although it has been fixed, it still get kind of "unstable", sometimes it just suddenly shut itself down.
Since iphone 5 is coming soon, I think I'll wait till then to get a new one.However, I have a pile of important contacts saved on my watered iphone 4 and I'm so afraid that they'll be gone with the damaged phone right before I could get a new one. But if I can copy these contacts to itunes, then next time I'll be able to transfer them to the new iphone,right? Or just copy to computer? Any difference?
Anyway, I just want the contacts to be backuped, any good idea? I use Dell PC with Win 7 system.I don't mind if I have to pay for a tool but it would be the best if there's a free and easy way.Help me please!!


Flight Director
Flight Instructor

First, put the phone in a plastic baggie with rice. Let the rice absorb any extra water.

Second, when was the last time you synchronized your iphone with your desktop?


Baby Bird
1. Open iTunes and plug in your iphone
2. Under the “info” tab you will see a field that “Sync Contacts with :” and give you a choice of which program you want to save your contacts to .By default, it is Windows Address Book.
3. Check the “Sync Contacts With:”box and choose windows Address Book
4. In the lower-right corner click the sync button and all of your contacts will be immediately saved to Windows Address Book
Next time when you want to sync these contacts to your new iphone, you just add them to itunes library, and I believe you know how to do the rest.


Baby Bird
You may first transfer your iphone 4 contacts to your computer. and that may right there in your “Address Book” on your computer. If “Address Book” is in your dock, the icon is with “@”symbol. If not like that, go to Applications in Finder and do a search for “Address Book”
Next time, do an Address Book export just to have another back-up if you are not automatically backing up using Time Machine, your iDisk, or whatever. If you back up to a file on the same computer, copy it to an external drive.
There're so many trouble transfering from apple products to PC, As a lazy person I personally prefer using a simple software iPhone Transfer Contact, why bother?!