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All about Alias

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Heywood Jablowme, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Heywood Jablowme

    Heywood Jablowme Flightless Bird

    Most know newsgroups such as these attract trolls. Alias is obviously a
    troll, to be more precise the troll in residence in this newsgroup, but
    Alias is much more than your garden variety troll.

    Alias is a buffoon. That simply means Alias is a clown, obviously
    some poorly educated loser, what many would simply call
    stupid. To prove that point, Alias will post about Ubuntu and his
    screwed up home life. He is classic welfare cheat to the very core
    of his mentally unstable self.

    What's an Alias? Really we're getting into degrees of stupid.
    Alias excels at showing how stupid he can be. Alias loves to be the
    retard who tells others to use Ubuntu while Alias violates the groups
    rules. Alias will also create a countdown to the next vile version of

    For good measure Alias will usually call you ill informed if you write
    anything negative about his beloved Ubuntu.
    This proves beyond a doubt that Alias is not playing with
    a full deck.

    Alias craves attention and acceptance, so he tries hard to impress
    people. He loves to install Ubuntu then tell everyone that Ubuntu is great
    when in reality, Alias can't use any of the programs that Ubuntu has to
    offer. Alias will then cry and bitch about how Windows doesn't work.
    Then Alias will install Ubuntu Alpha products and this retard will think
    that everyone should install Ubuntu Alpha products.

    Every place on the planet has Windows but this socially retarded maggot has
    to post about Ubuntu constantly. He then eggs on other users and when they
    him an idiot or retard, he will then bitch and complain. He can
    dish it out but can't take it. Very selfish and childish.

    Alias is quite the little crybaby. He's among the first to curse, yell
    and bitch and he's always shaking his finger at others if they put known
    troublemakers in their place, however Alias has given himself absolute
    authority and dominion over everyone posting to this newsgroup. Alias
    has actually said he can yell, curse and scream all he wants, because he has
    a right to. Maybe Alias hears voices in his head. When pressed Alias
    shits his pants.

    Alias obviously is way short of a full deck. The mental picture most get
    of Alias is some old fool beet red in the face, pounding his fist on his
    desk as he curses somebody out.
    Alias not being very creative always uses the same insults even though
    he's never met any of us personally. So if Alias attacks you, you are
    automatically an idiot and he will tell on you.

    So what you should take away from this little post is Alias is mentally
    unstable, a know deranged scum sucker, a proven Sheep Fucker and just the
    Putz on Usenet you'll probably ever come across.

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