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Alias on a desert island

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Bill Yanaire, ESQ, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Bill Yanaire, ESQ

    Bill Yanaire, ESQ Flightless Bird

    Desert Island

    Alias and his dog are shipwrecked onto a deserted island. After a few days
    he decides to reconnoiter the island. Alias discovers that the only other
    inhabitants are sheep. Alias recalls how his farm buddies would brag how
    they would screw sheep for kicks and he says to himself: 'I'll never be that

    Sooooo, a few days later Alias can't get those sheep out of his mind, and
    soon he's sneaking up on the flock. Just as Alias is about to pounce on a
    really cute one, the dog grabs his leg and won't let go. Alias snaps to, and
    thanks the dog for keeping him from making a fool of himself. This same
    scene happens every night for a month and the guy is really getting pissed
    at the dog.

    Suddenly one day, Alias spies a life raft bobbing in the surf. In the raft
    is a beautiful young girl, half dead but alive. Alias takes her back to his
    hut revives her and nurses her to health. After a few days the girl is
    feeling fine, and that evening a rush of gratitude sweeps over her....

    She confronts Alias: 'I owe you my life. I'm yours forever. I'll do anything
    you want'



    'OK, hold that dog for ten minutes!!!'

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