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After Debate: Only Republican Poop Left On Stage


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One week ago, Mitt Romney took the debate stage and transformed himself from a severely conservative republican into a moderate. In other words, his campaign hit the reset button, the etch-a-sketch was shaken, and the lies were a pumpin.

Democrats all across the nation were screaming at their television sets, demanding to know why President Obama did not smash the new Romney talking points to bits. Collective hand-wringing began as polls showed voters fell for the new Romney. Even after the Romney campaign would "correct" positions, clarify positions, shift positions - polls sank for Mr. Obama.

New talking points surfaced that President Obama was dumb, an empty chair, incapable of debating Romney. Rude republicans were gloating.

Last night, Joe Biden took the debate stage with Paul Ryan. Biden was not as passive and did not allow Paul Ryan to make false statements. Instead he quickly signaled to viewers that Ryan was lying. How? He laughed, he sneered, he smirked, and he leaned back tossing up his arms.He called the Romney/Ryan plans as malarkey and stuff.

Ryan tried every Republican talking point and was smashed into the ground with facts and truth.

In fact, the debate was so one-sided that Fox News and CNN republican pundits had nothing to do but lie themselves. They quickly called the debate a tie, soon followed with a whole new set of talking points. The new meme was that Biden was an angry white man - a signal that Obama cannot do the same or he'll be labeled as an angry black man.

Here's a reality check Fox and CNN - you suck. Your new talking points miss that the Democrats needed to show American voters that the republican candidates are full of stuff - their ideas are elephant droppings.

Paul Ryan stunk up that debate stage with pure BS. No elephant was in the room - it was clear as dung. Republicans want to stop a woman's right to choose. Republicans want to give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires. Republicans want to cut loopholes middle income wage earners use during the tax season - the home mortgage deduction.

Republicans are now exposed for what they are - pure poop.
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Holy Smokes was there a roast last night!

Ryan was being fried during that debate. He drank so much water - but the fire kept on burning.