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A look at the Ravens


Teen Bird
XenWord Owner
I am a Baltimore Ravens guy and after last season having to watch a awful running attack due to a lack of an offensive line was very hard for me. Not only did it hurt our running game, it almost killed our QB. I think Flacco took more hits then Aaron Rodgers LOL. To remedy the situation the team is looking for another starting RB to go along with Rice and Pierce. So we go out and get TE's that cannot block ? So the best i can figure is a lot of 3 step drops to get the ball out faster or a lot of play action to keep the defense from rushing every down and playing back a bit.

Still not sure what the league is going to do with Rice after he is finally done with the assault charges filed by his Girl Friend, he could be out 3 to 6 games as well. Should be a telling season on where the team heads for the next 3 or 4 seasons. Invest in a new O'line or continue to invest in more defensive pieces.