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1.0 Lesson

Discussion in 'General Education Discussions' started by LPH, Dec 25, 2013.

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    Robert Heiny submitted a new blog post:

    1.0 Lesson

    A Learners' View (ALV) Is Of Choices On The Shortest And Fastest Path To Learning, The Oxygen Of Social Life.

    Definition: 1. a A solution to a problem that works consistently and reliably when applied. b Applying principles of learning and active ingredients of learning to solve the problem the lesson presents.

    2. All learners meet criterion for learning to solve the problem in that lesson (complete the lesson successfully; demonstrate that they learned the lesson).

    3. a A self-contained plan, content, and instruction that learners use to gain a given objective, such as imitating a teacher's demonstration of writing, using atomic weights to calculate a compound, and following trails of animals and insects to find water in a desert. b The record of such accomplishment sufficient to replicate the result the next time the lesson is offered..

    4. (Tech.) The matching and bonding of active ingredients (elements) of a plan, content, and instruction that forms a Triple-Helix of learning and that results in learners completing a lesson efficiently.

    Synonyms: PERFECT LESSON implies that it results in an outcome that includes, but does not necessarily give priority to learning or learning efficiency, such as a Beatitude in the Holy Bible of Christians.

    Antonyms: CLAIMS that one lesson cannot work for all people all of the time.

    Highlight: The application of active ingredients of learning described in a learners' view (ALV) of learning to compose and instruct a lesson that scientists have found will likely yield a result by learners that observers accept.
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