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Using Tablet PC: A Guide For Educators

Using Tablet PC: A Guide For Educators 1.0

Stay mobile in the classroom, office, or at home with instant access to the information you normally have on your desktop or laptop PC. Work and teach in a whole new way?connect your Tablet PC to a projector to create the ultimate whiteboard or chalkboard. Grade papers the same way you do today but with digital annotation features. Work with the Tablet PC in slate mode so that you're free to move around the room to facilitate collaboration. The Tablet PC allows you to work as you choose, using digital ink and pen or keyboard and mouse.

Download this 62-page guide to get up and running faster, and take the power of a desktop PC and more anywhere you teach and work.

Learn how to:

  • Use pen, voice, keyboard, or mouse to control your Tablet PC.
  • Accelerate your dexterity with the digital pen, Input Panel, and Windows Journal.
  • Save, edit, search, and e-mail your handwritten notes.
  • Add text and pictures to your notes.
  • Import and annotate documents.
  • Use Windows Journal in presentations and meetings.
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