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THESE ACRONYMS provide short-cut references to descriptions of parts of the technical-scientific grounding of teaching, learning, and education.

  1. 1.0 Content Content analyzed to a level learners use it when required to solve a problem.
  2. 1.0 Instruction Instruction that always shows learners how to learn the lesson
  3. 1.0 Lesson A lesson learners consistently learn
  4. 1.0 Teacher Someone who offers lessons from which all learners learn each lesson all of the time
  5. ACT A Completed Teacher
  6. AFT A Frugal Teacher
  7. AID Accelerate, Increase, and Deepen Learning.
  8. AIL Active Ingredient of Learning
  9. aLEAP a Learning Efficiency Analysis Paradigm
  10. ALV A Learners’ View
  11. ALV TSW A Learners’ View T Shirt Wisdom 
  12. ALVZ A Learners’ View Zone System
  13. ATL Anatomy of Teaching-Learning
  14. ATPL Anatomy and Physiology of Teaching-Learning
  15. COL Carrier of Learning
  16. CEKSS Concrete, Easy, Known, Simple, Specific (pronounced Seeks) principles of learning
  17. FPTL First Principles of Teaching-Learning
  18. FTL Failure to Learn
  19. JABA Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
  20. LANOL Language of Learning
  21. LOTL Law of Teaching-Learning
  22. NESI New Era School Initiative
  23. NIMS Narratives, Illustrations, Metaphors, and Synonyms
  24. NLC Neighborhood Learning Centers
  25. MDP Manpower Development Project
  26. MSPT Mythical Secular Perfect Teacher
  27. NIMS Narratives, Illustrations, Metaphors, and Synonyms
  28. PQS Plain, quick, and simple lesson
  29. PTL Physiology of Teaching-Learning
  30. RAD Rate, amount, and depth of learning
  31. REAL Scales Resident-Environment Analysis by Levels (REAL) Scales
  32. RESPECT Learning Real Education shows patterns everyone can try.
  33. SOTA State-of-the-Art
  34. TDL Two Dot Learning
  35. TIC The Instruction Cube
  36. TLC The Learners’ Core
  37. TSLE Technical-Scientific Literacy of Educators

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