A Learners’ View (ALV) Is Of Choices On The Shortest And Fastest Path To Learning, The Oxygen Of Social Life.


Definition: 1.a. Showing/Telling a learner which social patterns to use in which sequence to solve a problem efficiently. b. Performing a role that meets the social expectation of preparing novices to solve problems and in other ways act as the most informed people act in social settings in order to increase choices available to learners. c. Increasing the chances that learners will use observable behavior patterns of a person who prepares a learner to solve problems efficiently as well as for other results.

2. Arranging tangible and symbolic objects, such as words, numerals, etc., in ways that likely result in a learner demonstrating observable patterns that solve a problem.

3. To simplify and make more efficient the adoption, adaption, and extension by novices of social patterns the most informed people use.

4. Planning and offering lessons that reduce trial-and-error of novices to solve one or more problems.

5. The use of protocols that increase learning rates of novices in and out of schools.

6. May occur through direct and indirect (as through reading a Tweet or story, or watching a video) interaction with a person, machine such as a robot, or a situation.

Synonyms: INSTRUCT emphasizes the planned, systematic use of selected behavior patterns to prepare a learner to solve a problem or in another way adapt to a situation. TRAINING features repeated practice of behavioral patterns to exhibit in certain situations. INDOCTRINATION is used as a derogatory way to indicate misleading or forcing upon another person an implied false opinion or way of acting.

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