Happy New Year


2008 is going to be an exciting year for mobile pcs. What are your predictions? Are we witnessing the end of the desktop?

I suspect we’ll see great mobile pc products introduced by some of the most well-known manufacturers. For example, I am looking forward to the Apple products this year. ASUS should be introducing some good mobile pcs this year, too. Watch TabletKiosk, Motion*, and Electrovaya – as they rework product lines to match consumer expectations.In fact, expect new UMPC and Tablet PC introductions with increased performance specifications.

What do you think will happen to the Gateway product line? Will Dell improve on their newly released Tablet PC? Will the Apple Tablet PC meet the hype and consumer expectations? Will this product be announced or will they keep the product on the engineering table? Will Intel release faster mobile prorcessors – or will we have to work on our patience? Maybe AMD will get their mobile product lines correct this year. Many people learned to rely on VIA this past year – will you?

And what do you think about Web 2.0 social networking sites? I look forward to great discussions about hardware and software with friends across the globe. Thinking of discussions, the past decade has brought dramatic changes to the Internet. Consider the single page html documents that have changed to large datebase driven sites. We moved quickly from hyperlinking between sites to Naked Conversations to Constant Internet Chatter.

Consider the increase in the number of blogs – does everyone have their own blog? Are we done with blogs yet? Do you think we are witnessing the end of blogs? What will take the place of blogging? What about RSS feeds – do you read RSS feeds? I don’t read feeds anymore but prefer to use Twitter. Will Twitter find a place on blogs as well as your desktop? Will Digg or Mixx meet your needs for finding the best stories on the Internet? Maybe you will abandon MySpace in favor of Facebook – or another soon-to-be released website.

Yes, I am looking forward to 2008. As I sit on the couch and dream about the coming year, the greatest vision for the days is a discovery of new ways to use technology. Maybe you love to explore software – too – and plan on spending your weekends exploring the latest revisions. Or have you relied more on the Internet for completing a task? Will you store more information on Internet sites or increase the size of your hard drive(s)?

What ever your dream for the year – I wish you the best.


*Thinking of Motion. I spent the evening with a Motion LE1700. This is a very slick slate and any serious Tablet PC user should consider this product.