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April 1999

April 1, 1999


FOR RELEASE: April 1, 1999

WinChip, IBM, AMD, and Ingram Micro face the future through Coopetition.

SAN DIEGO — Four industry powerhouses stood center stage this morning and took turns introducing their new WIZ technology. WinChip introduced the Win650T, IBM introduced the Stallion, AMD discussed its CaT technology, and Ingram announced it’s "go direct" initiative.

WIZ, also known as Wow It’s Zomething-or-other technology, has taken the industry by firestorm. The first company to make formal public announcements regarding WIZ technology was Intel. Last week, they disclosed their copiloted projects ‘thunder’ and ‘lightening’. Unfortunately the outdoor public event was rained out due to an unforeseen and unseasonable weather condition.

WinChip will start shipping their 650 MHz socket 7 processor next week. They started shipping Win650T and Win651R samples to OEMs last year. Reviewers were delighted that the Win650T could be overclocked to operate at 850 MHz without using a heatsink. Using soon to be released thermal regulators, the Win650T can operate close to 1 GHz.

Enthusiasts are also grateful that the Win650T does not have the Serial Identification Number (SIN). Privacy advocates were rejoicing that WinChip did not embed Intel’s SIN. "The omission of SIN is a great relief," said Weah B. Head, CEO of Private Life Industries.

Developed under the code name sparkling water, the Win650T will only be made available to emerging Original Equipment Manufacturers. Model Win651R, project rainbow, is expected to be made available to the retail channel following strong consumer interest in quiet, extensive beta testing.

Heralded as breakthrough technology, this product puts WinChip ahead of the competition by offering the fastest x86 processor on the market. Using Copper technology patented by IBM (code named stallion), WinChip was able to produce stable silicon with their efficient .18 micron process. More amazing is the news that this processor offers both AMD’s 3D Now! Technology as well as Intel’s steam engined SIMD Technology (sic).

AMD helped establish the 0.18 process. Mr. Sump T. Heng of AMD stated, "We have extensive expertise in the 0.18 process which we leased to WinChip. We see our earlier blunders with the K6 and K6-2 as the forerunner projects for our new co-opetition strategy, code named CaT."

At the end of the show, Ingram Micro announced it’s "go direct" initiative. Ingram will lend its team of 1400 formerly fired telephone representatives to make the WinChip processor available worldwide. SKU number 654987 will sell for $92 each for quantity 1000 units. Individuals may purchase the unit bundled with A&W rootbeer at the upcoming Modesto Anti-Graffiti Car Show.

John Samdowski of Peter’s Principled Industries and Brokerage House was asked to comment on the surprising turn of events. Mr Samdowski is the leading industry buffoon of the day. He holds a doctorate in Triangular Research. Mr Samdowski stated "It was a square deal. These announcements will turn the industry on its side." Later we overheard him telling his business partners, "I bought each company’s stock this morning and expect to add a million by midnight." Each company’s stock has been actively traded today.

Other industry leaders were showing off their new $199 PCs designed with the new Win650T processor. Unfortunately, no one was able to find a matching power plug for the MicroATZ form factored Power Supply. The MicroATZ units require a proprietary plug to connect the motherboards to the external power sources.

Intel is expected to re-announce a special mobile converter which will allow the MicroATZ power supplies to be plugged into laptops. Intel resented the pre-announcement show and therefore responded with its own privately held announcement of the converter. According to inside sources who attended the Intel trade show, the converter will allow Intel it’s continued success in reaching the goal of "a billion PC’s connected."

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